Capsule Wardrobe from The Sewing Recipe

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What is The Sewing Recipe?

I first heard about this place when I fell in love with The Coat (capital letters, yes): the Truffle Pattern by Lara Sanner. So yellow and beautiful it inmediately became part of my #makenine2018 goals (by the way, I have only made 4 out of those 9 and it’s almost September, it doesn’t look good). Shortly after that they offered a sewalong for this pattern, with videos and even the materials needed (which were sent from another place I found out at that moment, Slow Taller), and felt the urge to take part so I could shake off my fears of making what I felt like a project for advanced sewists.


The Truffle Coat: mustard and stripes… it’s impossible not to fall in love with it

The Sewing Recipe + Slow Taller + Aran Lovs was the sewing trio behind that sewalong, and they are too the ones behind the capsule wardrobe that has kept me busy since May.

What is this Capsule Wardrobe?

6 patterns for 6 months: a sweatshirt, a blouse, a dress, a skirt, a pair of culottes and a cardigan. All of them with hacks to be able to get, for example, a dress out of a blouse and vice versa.
Each month I receive a box full of fabrics, haberdashery and everything needed for that project. And apart from that I have the link to the monthly pattern in my own account, and videos, instructions… all the help needed to fulfill the capsule wardrobe.


I added buttons of different colours to the back of my Kiwi dress

How is it going?

I said before that this project had kept me busy since May, but it was a lie.

My only problem with this capsule wardrobe project has been… summer. The heat has made me feel lazy and without will to start assembling patterns, cutting out pieces, washing fabrics, sewing, ironing (this part is the worst of all, of course)… so I kept on receiving boxes with beautiful fabrics and stuff, and nothing on my cutting table (which is my dining table, by the way).
I made the sweatshirt when it was a little bit colder, but then no-sew time at all.

June, July and August boxes were there as beautiful as the day they arrived, so 2 weeks ago I made one last effort (it sounds so dramatic lol) before summer was gone and made two more projects: the Kiwi Blouse, which I chose to make the dress version, and the Lemon Dress, which I made the blouse version… it seems I like to contradict.


Going all crazy changing stripes’ direction in my Lemon blouse

And the next project in line is the Lemon pattern again, but the last version they shared: an off centre button-up dress, made with one of the striped soft linen fabrics I received in that box.

I am planning to do a lot more with the patterns I already have. For example I am thinking about making another Apple sweatshirt, using the hack that Nairamkitty made for The Sewing Recipe. It will be navy blue sleeves / blue stripes body, with a yellow zip and a Colette patch I bought from The Crafty Mastermind.

It seems I got my “sewjo” back!!


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